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[21 Aug 2016|01:32pm]
Who: Keara and Nate
Where: 11th St. Auto
When: 8/21, afternoon
What: Keara's having engine problems.
Rating: tbd.

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[29 Jan 2016|08:10pm]
appy app )
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[10 Nov 2015|06:50pm]
Type: Owl Post
When: November 10, mid-morning

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[11 Oct 2015|11:52pm]
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[10 Sep 2015|02:46am]

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[10 Sep 2015|01:27am]
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[02 Jan 2015|06:01pm]
I would like to wish everyone a belated Yule! I hope whatever holiday you celebrated was as wonderful as it could be.

Now My only Yule wish this year Since I got my other one and Kissare is here. is that winter is short! I hate the snow we've gotten. It means I have to bundle up just when it comes to dinner.
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[05 Nov 2014|01:22pm]
Who: Aithne and Open
Where: In the art building.
When: Tuesday Nov 4, afternoon
What: working on a project and forgetting that the world exists again.
Rating: tbd
Only teardrops )
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[02 Nov 2014|10:52pm]
Aithne's app )
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